September 18, 2020

Is Trump the first president of the people since Ronald Reagan?

Alright I’m pretty young so I’ve been alive for 3 presidents, or I should say I’ve been aware for 3 presidents and was alive for 4. Bush didn’t answer to the people. He answered to big money institutions and elitist politicians. He didn’t care if he pissed off the people. He just needed to do enough to get elected. He cared more about not pissing off powerful people. Bush needed powerful people to tell the regular people Bush is good. Obama didn’t answer to the people. Let’s be real, a lot of people voted for Obama because he was slick and smooth talking. He was “cool.” Who determines he was cool though? The establishment. Hollywood and MSM decided he was cool. His policies and divisive nature set America back hundreds of years. He didn’t answer to the people. He needed every establishment in this country to tell people he’s good. He answered to the big money institutions and elitists politicians. That’s why Hollywood and every elitist establishment loved Obama.
I was very young when Clinton was president so I’m not too sure about him and only know about his scandals and his crazy wife, but from what I can tell he wasn’t terribly hated by the people during his presidency and was hated more after. He seemed to be a decent president policy-wise. Now those are the presidents I know the most about since Reagan, but I’d say George HW screwed the people over. If Trump didn’t have the people he’d have nothing. That’s why his base controls him. Every big establishment in this country is opposed to Trump. The huge businesses like Amazon hate Trump. The MSM hates Trump. Big Pharma hates Trump. These corrupt intel people hate Trump, for example John Brennan. The elitist Republicans hate Trump, for example Mitt Romney. The military industrial complex hates Trump. That’s why people like McCain and other very powerful generals come out against him. The military is a business and that business needs war. Democrats are a mostly elitist party so most of the Democrats hate Trump.
If Trump didn’t have his base he would’ve been impeached by these corrupt politicians years ago. That’s why he can’t piss his base off. If his base doesn’t support something and they say something, Trump usually corrects course. I’ve never seen it before. That’s why campaign promises are so important to Trump. If he doesn’t deliver for the people who voted from him then he’s toast. When Trump says he’ll do something chances are he’s going to do it.
Trump is the president of the regular ole American and that’s why they hate him. They want their power back.

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William Mitchel


I’d say so. It’s funny, if you don’t pick a career politician they seem to care about the people.

Raymond Murphy

Talk about Hollywood- When Clinton was in office, celebrities like Barbara Streisand had the fax number to the White House and would fax her opinion on policies over to Bill frequently. She also sang at his birthday party and several other times. Hollywood bent over backwards for the Clintons. I go back as far as Nixon for remembering presidents and their policies.

Nixon was nowhere near as bad as they said he was. Early news media was what it was and there was no one to refute them.

Ford would have been a good president and I wish he could have had a second term. Unfortunately for him, he followed Nixon and you weren't going to recover from that.

Carter was a genuinely good person, but economics wasn't his thing. Neither was foreign policy. In fact, there was a lot that wasn't his thing in Washington. I was hoping he would release info on UFOs, which he promised to do during his campaign (that was all huge back then), but he fucked that up, too. He should have stayed on the farm. He's done a lot of good since leaving office.

Reagan was amazing. Unfortunately, he took people at their word and that isn't worth shit in Washington DC. That why we had one hell of an amnesty in the 80s and still don't have a complete border wall. Democrats, specifically Ted Kennedy and Tip O'Neil promised him a wall if he agreed to an amnesty. You see where that went. He did make a sick nation feel good about itself, so there's that. Patriotism soared and we all felt good about ourselves again.

Bush Sr was the devil. Why in the fuck this country let itself be fooled into voting for an ex-CIA director is beyond me. Nothing good to say about him.

Bill Clinton knew how to push, but not go over the line. His stupid wife tried to push universal healthcare in the mid 90s and was told by practically everyone to fuck off. Bill signed off on NAFTA and that was the beginning of the end for industry at the time. Mediocre president who was a real shithead when it came to guns and other domestic issues.

Bush Jr is someone I thought would be okay, but he never saw a spending bill he didn't like. It was obvious by then that dynasties were being formed and it didn't matter who was in office. We were going to get fucked. Yeah, fuck that guy.

Obama. Worst president ever. I don't have enough words or the time to spell out everything and everyone he fucked up or fucked over. Real piece of shit who gave black people some hope on black people issues, but shit all over everyone.

Trump- Best president in my lifetime. I'll never see another one like him. Unfortunately, politics is so divided now that nothing meaningful is ever going to get done. Think about this- DACA was created with an executive order. Any executive order can be rescinded by another executive order and it's been done plenty. The supreme fucking court told Trump he couldn't end DACA with a simple executive order and that he had to follow some arbitrary procedure for ending programs like that. Even though it was illegal. Even though it was done by executive order. Even though it wasn't legislation passed by congress. See where we're at now?

This is my opinion and it's obviously way shorter than it should have been, but anyone is welcome to build on the framework I've started.

I was alive during Johnson's administration, but I don't remember anything significant about him when I was younger. I remember Nixon, his dog Checkers, and the troop withdrawal from Vietnam. Watergate was big back then, but it wasn't shit compared to Obama using intelligence agencies to spy on a rival political opponent for his party. Still can't believe he's not in prison, but a lot of them will never see prison. That's why I like Trump. He's not scared to take down big names. I just think he's having to prepare the American people for the time some of these big names do start going down. You think there are riots in the streets now? Just wait.

Ralph C Nash

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